California Spring

Springtime in Southern California, like most places, is beautiful. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, allergies are running full bore – oh, wait, that’s not a good thing! But for real, I can see why we fell for this place last spring, it is certainly gorgeous! And with all of the rainfall, it is even more beautiful.

So what have we been up to?

Well, obviously, any plans to travel have been put on hold for the time being. Our motorhome has become more of a home and less of a motor. We do hope to take some weekend excursions over the summer months but it looks like this host position will continue on into the foreseeable future. Might as well enjoy it while we can!

We have been trying to have some fun and enjoy the beautiful weather.

We went down to the tide pools in Point Loma a couple of weeks ago and had a fun time checking out all the little critters.

It was nice to spend some time down by the water.

We have been to the skate park in Julian a couple of times. I have absolutely no talent when it comes to balance but it is fun to watch the others.

We had a wonderful beach excursion with the dogs when we took them to the OB dog beach.


Teddy really needs to get out more and work on his dog-on-dog socialization skills. He barked a lot but he did eventually calm down and enjoy himself!

I learned that I definitely need to wear shorts and bring a change of clothes because I was COVERED in sand! We went a week ago and I am still digging sand out of my pockets.

We did some kite flying, both at the dog beach and the skate park. Andy always has his toys handy (the kites are stored in the jeep full time – you know, in case you need to fly one right away).

Lila and Ellie have been enjoying the nice weather, too!

We have been talking about building them a little outdoor escape so that they can stay safe while they explore and I don’t have to watch them 24/7. We had a little incident of Lila slipping out of the fence when I wasn’t watching so now they are back to having their harnesses on them every time they come out.

The problem is that Lila can slip her harness (little sneak). I have been looking up ideas for motorhome catios/catteries. It sounds weird, I know, but if we can make it out of scrap supplies so that we don’t put a lot of money into it, then we won’t feel badly when we have to take it down once we leave on the road again! Plus, my little kitties will get to be outside more often.

Over the weekend we had a surprise visit from Andy’s uncle Charlie who we visited on our way across the country.

He lives in Arizona and made a quick weekend trip into town to visit some friends (and us). It was so great to see family! I realize that my parents just left but I think that has just made me miss everyone even more – I am going through some serious friend and family withdrawal.


Uncle Charlie came to visit our little park. Afterwards, we went up to Julian to visit more with him and meet another part of his family. We had a great time with everyone and were so happy to meet new people who live in the area!


We got to watch the new Tesla do a bit of a car dance. Very entertaining!

On Sunday, we said our goodbyes.


Then we headed over to the skate park for a quick visit. Andy has a pretty nice bruise from that visit (the results of falling off his board pretty intensely).


We have been dealing with some no-so-fun things. Andy’s driver’s license expires in May and we have been trying to figure out how to get him a new one. Fly home and get one in MN? Too expensive, though tempting. However, to get one in California for the first time means proving our residency and we have never considered ourselves residents. We don’t have utility bills to prove that we live here because we don’t pay utilities. We live in a park!

So for the past week, we have been gathering documents from different places (work, the post office, the county) trying to prove enough of a residency so that he can get a license and not have to fly home. I was all for a trip back but plane ticket prices are ridiculous right now. It is a sad moment for him, getting a license that is not MN. The end of an era almost.

Aside from that “fun” and confusing task, we recently replaced both of the batteries in the RV.

Ellie is making sure he’s doing it correctly.

They haven’t been done in who knows how long and we decided it was time. Last summer, we had some issues getting our AC unit to run effectively after a certain time. Andy spoke with an RV repairman and we determined that it was most likely due to (or at least partially) the age of our batteries.

Yay! So $200 later, we have two new batteries.


It looks like our converter is going out, too. So we will need to look into replacing that in the near future.


We have some big plans for the coming months, and we are excited to share them! Stay tuned and enjoy a few pictures of my adorable little Teddy.

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  1. rlewsen says:

    Love your column; read it assiduously every time!! Keep it up; lived in Point Loma way back in 1990.

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  2. Will Hayes says:

    You two are wonderful….Love your Life.!

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