Visit From an Old Friend

More excitement for the Wandering Dolphin crew!

We recently had another visitor to our little world – one of my oldest friends, Bethany.


We have known one another since grade school and have kept in touch throughout the years. In fact, she was the first person we visited when we started our grand adventure! Stop #1 was seeing her in South Dakota.

Visiting Bethany in South Dakota

It was exciting that she came out to visit us and we had a great time!

She drove in from Arizona on Thursday and we spent the next day at the beach, exploring Oceanside’s harbor, pier, and one of the breweries.


Tasty food and drinks at Breakwater Brewing Co.

On Saturday, we decided to take a trip up to Julian. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast checking out some of the shops in town.

View on the way up to Julian

Sunday was a fun one – the three of us got to hang out in San Diego.


Push him in!!!

We went to Mission Point, Coronado, and Little Italy.


We had a fabulous time checking out the breweries of some of our favorite beers. Ballast Point and Stone were on our agenda and they did not disappoint!


We definitely tried our fair share of beer!

I LOVED the beer at Ballast Point but I was REALLY impressed with Stone Brewery. It was gorgeous.

Monday was our last full day together and we wanted it to be a fun one. We started off with a short morning hike which overlooked the Ramona area.



Then we headed down to San Diego where we took a tour of the USS Midway – super interesting.


Bethany and I decided to do the flight simulator and it was hilarious. I am pretty sure everyone heard us scream as soon as it started!

It was a gorgeous day for a tour and we enjoyed learning some of the fascinating history.


We capped off the day with a visit to one of our favorite wineries, and then enjoyed a relaxing evening at home.


It was so wonderful to be able to see her and show her a slice of our world. Plus we were able to explore a few things that we had not yet experienced ourselves!

Ship coming into the harbor
View of the Coronado bridge from the flight deck of the Midway

After a long weekend of adventures, Andy and I felt a little badly for keeping the dogs cooped up so much. Most of the activities we had enjoyed were not dog-friendly and they were left at home. Yesterday, we decided to remedy their lack of activity by taking them on an adventure of their own.


With the large amount of rain we’ve had this winter, Ramona has come alive. The green, rolling hills are gorgeous. For a time, we let the dogs run around and explore – until we came upon a field of grazing cattle and two coyotes roaming close by.

If you look closely, you will see two coyotes in the first video below.

The cows were not thrilled with our proximity but they were right in the middle of the trail so we made our way carefully by. They were a little more nervous because they had their calves with – and I’m sure because of the nearby coyotes.

All this rainwater made a tiny mudhole/pond into something far more substantial. Since Piper had not been swimming in quite some time, we let her have some fun. Theo was not amused and seemed very concerned for her safety while she was swimming.

View of Mount Woodson in the background

All in all, it was a fun time and we felt better that they were able to get some exercise after our own adventurous weekend!


Now we are getting ready for another crazy storm. They are saying that it may be one of the worst storms this area has seen in nearly 20 years. Wish us luck!

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