A Year in Ramona

About 40 minutes outside of San Diego sits the unincorporated community of Ramona. Nestled in the foothills and surrounded by ranches and abundant wildlife, the town has been our home for the past year. The beginning of this month officially marked our one year anniversary. Wow, time moves quickly! Let's take a moment to let that... Continue Reading →

Visit From an Old Friend

More excitement for the Wandering Dolphin crew! We recently had another visitor to our little world – one of my oldest friends, Bethany. We have known one another since grade school and have kept in touch throughout the years. In fact, she was the first person we visited when we started our grand adventure! Stop... Continue Reading →

Hiking Mount Woodson

Monday was a gloomy day in Ramona but we didn’t let that keep us down! In fact, it made us decide to go up instead (cheesy line, I know). We knew that it was going to rain so we woke up early to do a morning hike on Mount Woodson. I had recently hiked Woodson... Continue Reading →

Benefits of a Simpler Life

As you all know, I went from living in 1500 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft. Quite the change. You've heard about many of the reasons behind this change, what drove us to make this decision. And maybe I haven't talked enough about one of the things that factored into this choice. You've all heard... Continue Reading →

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