California Christmas

Happy holidays from the Wandering Dolphin crew!

We are having a pretty low-key Christmas, which is wonderful. It’s weird not having snow! Yesterday, we worked the park and then headed down to Oceanside for dinner with grandpa and aunt Kris. 

It was a rainy day in SoCal but we did have a nice Christmas Eve rainbow over the park. 

We had a delicious dinner and a fun time catching up with aunt Kris. She even made my favorite: deviled eggs!

It was nice to spend time with family for the holidays. This time last year we were in Arizona!

We came home and watched some Christmas movies before bed. 

Today we had our “pet Christmas” and gave all the critters their gifts. 

​After making breakfast, we had coffee with eggnog and whipped cream. Yum. And FaceTimed with my family in MN. 

This afternoon was spent playing pool and trying out Andy’s new longboard!

We hung out with some friends and just enjoyed the sun. 

Tonight we are going to watch some more Christmas movies and make some tasty food! 

That about sums up our California Christmas!

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