Water & Wine

I think I have to officially admit, to myself and everyone else, that I am losing a bit of my Minnesota. And what I mean by that is my cold tolerance. Cause man, I’ve been cold lately!

I actually put on long underwear the other night (and it was still like 45 degrees out)! BTW, apparently in Cali they call them “thermals,” as two people have now informed me. Well, all I can say is: it’s POP, not soda!

Anyway, after our pleasant Thanksgiving we had an adventurous weekend of more wine tasting. We found a vineyard that has statues everywhere and…A GIANT CHESS SET!

I think that because we were out playing on a rainy day, the winery took pity on us, or was proud or something, because they gave us a free bottle of wine. 

We enjoyed awesome valley views from the outdoor patio of another winery and I am proud to say the rainy weather didn’t stop us from enjoying it!

We even saw a rainbow on the drive. 

We were so excited about the chess set that we decided to create one, RV style. 

After some much needed recovery time, Andy and I decided to spend today down on the water. 

I was going through some serious ocean withdrawals and he wanted to try out his new surfboard!

Even though it was a little cool out, the sun was shining and we were ready for the water. 

We saw dolphins jumping through the waves and even went to visit some friends of ours. 

We finished off the night with a visit to Aunt Kris, where Andy spent the evening fixing a leaky faucet. I have to say, I am always so impressed with how handy he is. He can pretty much figure out how to do anything or fix anything (probably one of the main reasons our adventure has been so successful).

We were fortunate enough to experience the amazing luxury of a real shower, too. Thank you Aunt Kris! I cannot begin to explain how phenomenal it was to shower in a real shower and not an RV shower. Water pressure, hot water on demand, and so much space! It was the warmest I’ve been in like a week, warm to the core. I could hardly leave it. The things you didn’t know you’d miss…

Looking forward to more adventures this weekend! 

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  1. Jackie says:

    Glad to see you guys are still enjoying your time down in California! We do miss you up here in Minnesota though! You would probably be really cold though, it’s 20 degrees out right now but feels like 5… 😦 Miss you!!

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