Animal Adventures

We had a fun week with our friend Anita who is in town from Minnesota! We hung out with some friends, threw a little Halloween get-together, went whale watching, and went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.


Thursday’s whale watching adventure was a fun day! No whales to be found but we did have some other neat sightings. Probably one of the most unique was the huge mola mola we found “sun bathing.” I have never seen one in real life so, needless to say, I was very excited!



We also got up close and personal with a few hundred dolphins.


I never get sick of seeing these guys in the wild and watching them play in the wake of the boat is always a blast.


We were on a slightly different boat for this excursion so I was given the opportunity to watch the dolphins “bow ride.” An experience I will never forget. It was amazing and absolutely makes it into my top five animal encounters list.

They were so close that I could almost touch them.

We also found a group of baby mola molas — no photos though.

And some diving cormorants.


Saturday, we helped out at the neighboring campground again for their haunted trails and then had our own haunted gathering.


On Sunday, we toured around San Diego and ended our night at the beach, watching the sunset.



Today we went to the Safari Park and I started packing for my trip back to Minnesota. Anita and I fly out tomorrow morning!

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