Autumn in Ramona

It’s my favorite time of year again. Autumn.

It is strange to spend it in a place where many of the trees do not change color or lose their leaves. But this has been a beautiful fall so far.

We spent the past weekend enjoying the beauty.

On Saturday, we volunteered at the neighboring campground for their “Haunted Trails” event. We acted as spirit guides who led willing (and unwilling) victims on a tour of the haunted woods.


Andy was terrifying.


He was also quite a hit. Aside from a few crying children, there were many people that asked to take photos with him!


Overall, it was a fun night.

On Sunday, we ventured down to Escondido to get a bit of shopping taken care of. When we were there, we stumbled across some type of fair or market. It seemed too large to be a normal farmer’s market and we are still not quite sure what it was. We had fun walking through all of the stands and congratulated ourselves on not buying anything!


Afterwards, we came back up to our spot and decided to go on a hike with our friend Tanner and the dogs.


It was gorgeous outside and we got to see a beautiful sunset over the foothills.



Man! I could not believe how sore my legs were by the end of it. Looks like I will need to go on hikes like this more often!

Today, we were going to go on a kayaking adventure with the dogs. When we woke up, our always sunny location was not sunny. In fact, it was misting quite a bit. I can’t say that it was actually raining, but it was heavily misting.

We loaded up the kayak but after driving a short distance, determined that we needed to put the top back on the Jeep. Our plans changed from kayaking and a picnic to going to the dog beach.


The dogs were thrilled.


We tried a different beach than last time and this one was way better. It was larger, with more space for the dogs to spread out and run around.


After a sloppy, sandy, messy time in the water, we decided to head back home and give the dogs a much-needed bath. It was a good end to our weekend!




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  1. rhondahabel says:

    I love fall too and am spending it away from MN, probably for the 1st time. Living in Laughlin, NV this week. And most of all, I love the puppy pictures! So adorable.


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