Getting Ready to Hit the Road

It’s been a long time coming but we are ready for it. Saturday afternoon, we take off on another adventure. Yes, it will be fairly short.  And yes, we will be returning to our sunny little town. But it is an adventure nonetheless.

We are heading to Vegas.

Luckily for us, we are meeting some wonderful friends in Vegas who are flying in from Minnesota.  Our friend Anita, who came out to visit a couple of months ago, is celebrating her birthday, Vegas-style.  Since we are less than five hours away (in a normal vehicle), we thought we should join her in her celebration. Our friend Ali, who we camped with when we first came out to Cali last winter, is also joining the party. Andy and I have never been to Vegas and we are excited to see what it’s like.

Ali, Anita, and Fritz. Photo courtesy of Ali’s Facebook page:)

We decided to drive the RV there so that we wouldn’t have to worry about getting a dog-friendly hotel room or worry about a sitter for the cats. Also, I was a little worried that a fire might come through while we were gone — unlikely that it will come into town but that’s a fear I didn’t want to deal with.

So, we booked a site at an RV park just south of the strip.

Before our trip, we wanted to make sure that our Wandering Dolphin was set for the road again. We packed in the RV, took it off the jack stands, and brought it into Andy’s work.

So tiny when it’s all packed in!

Every time I see the RV with the slide in, I realize how small of a space it is. I honestly don’t think I could have lived comfortably in this without our slide.

Getting it off the jack stands.

Driving it into his shop was quite nerve-wracking.


It was a tight fit to turn between the stone retaining wall and into the garage. Getting it onto the lift was another challenge, we almost didn’t fit because of the side mirrors.  With mere inches to spare, he drove our home onto the lift.


I was incredibly nervous but it went just fine! The weird part was walking across the street to work and knowing that my “home” was only feet away from me.  On my lunch break, I walked across the street, into the garage, and climbed into my home to eat lunch — all while the guys were working on other cars around me. Odd.

Welding the new exhaust holders on.

Today’s motorhome projects were:

*Rehanging the exhaust (the right way)

*Changing the oil

*Fixing the front hydraulic jacks (YAY!!! They work again!)

*Checking the batteries

*Checking all the fluids and tires

We wanted everything to be set to go for our adventure on Saturday. Andy also replaced our dining room light.

This is how it looked for more than a year…

When we bought the motorhome, we immediately removed the light because it was so ugly. Then we just never replaced it. So now, over a year after removing the old light fixture, we have a new one installed!


It’s pretty basic but it looks a lot better than the old one. Plus it provides the light we need!

Next projects: fixing our broken blinds and coming up with more storage solutions for the kitchen and bathroom.

Our home is coming along nicely!

On a scarier note…

There was another wildfire today, about 6 miles outside of town.

Photo taken from the alley behind the shop. You can see one of the planes in the bottom right corner of the smoke, dumping retardant.


It still isn’t completely contained and actually spread towards the campground at the other end of town, the campground where we were almost hosts before accepting our park. They are working on fighting the spreading fire.


I am excited to get back on the road again and even more excited at our decision to take the motorhome! I won’t have to worry that something like this will happen while we are gone and our RV gets to stretch its legs again!


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  1. emilys72016 says:

    Good luck on your trip! My first (and only) visit to Vegas was amazing — it’s soooo different from anything this NC gal had ever experienced. I have no real desire to return, but it was a fun, fun time. Hoping also that the wildfires stay far away from you. That’s scary! We’re traveling in your home state of Minnesota now, and it’s beautiful, but there have been a lot of severe thunderstorms with high wind — scary. We do love this state, though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! We are excited to experience Vegas and see what it’s all about. I hear the weather has been a little crazy in MN lately. I hope you are getting a few nice days too while you are there! I have to say, I do miss the crazy weather sometimes. Travel safe!


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