Two Small Town Stories

We went out to our local watering hole the other night, just hanging out and playing pool, having a few drinks.

In came a huge crowd of guys, all loud and slapping each other’s backs.  Laughing at jokes we couldn’t understand.


Loudly toasting, yelling, drinking, challenging each other.

It took us a little while to realize they all wore the same shirt, saying the same thing.  And they were throwing out coasters that said the same thing.


We found out that this group of guys had lost a mutual friend and every year, they go out together for the weekend to celebrate their lost friend’s life.  We thought this was a pretty amazing way to commemorate someone.

On a completely different note…

An update about my new job as a journalist:

It is going really well and I am learning new things every day.  I am meeting wonderful people in our new community and learning about all the fun upcoming events.  I get to write every day—something that is great practice for me.  I feel like I am getting paid to learn.

Most recently, my photo and article were featured as the cover photo and feature article for the Journal.  It is very exciting to have that experience, both as a writer and photographer.



I was officially introduced as a writer for the paper.


Though most of my articles have been shorter, and all of them have been assigned to me, my next project is something right up my alley.  I pitched a couple of wildlife articles and my new boss loved the ideas!  I am currently working on three total feature articles (as well as my shorter assigned ones).  All three larger ones are about topics that are close to my heart:  Wildlife Rescue, Feral Cat Colonies, The California Wolf Center.

My ultimate goal is to be a writer and to make a difference in the animal world, focusing on conservation and educating the public.  These upcoming articles really excite me because they are a huge step in the right direction.  Plus I got to interview some really amazing people!

Excited to see what the future brings!

Here’s a link to my most recent feature article:

Discover a Lost Lifestyle



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  1. jaimishep says:

    Angela – the link to your article is no good. FYI.


    1. Thank you for the heads up! Looks like they changed the link when they archived it. All fixed now:)


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