California Road Trip

On Wednesday, we got several phone calls from a friend who is currently visiting California.  After calling him back and figuring out what was going on, we found out that he had injured himself and needed a place to stay.

We rented a car and took a road trip, only four hours away but into an area of Cali we had never seen before.

We made a couple stops for food and gas along the way.


It wasn’t a very entertaining road trip but we did spend over 8 hours in the car.  It felt like a different version of an RV trip.  I read a book to Andy, just like we did in the motorhome.


We found a place that advertised “the best beef jerky in the world.”  It was pretty tasty, not sure if it was the best.


We saw some pretty desolate landscapes, perhaps the only land we could actually afford in Southern California.


We drove through an area north of San Bernadino that had amazing rock formations (you could tell we were near a fault).  Riverside was nicely landscaped—we were surprised they had so much grass with the drought here, it was very green.  San Bernadino was pretty smoggy when we drove through.

We saw some beautiful foothill areas too, areas that were also still green.

It was a long day in the car but a beautiful day for a drive!  It made us miss being on the road in our motorhome.  It looks like we will be taking a similar drive in a week or so once he’s healed up and ready to go back!

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