Having Guests in an RV

After our month of visitors, we learned a lot about hosting guests in our new home.  It is certainly different from having people stay in our house, equipped with two bathrooms and a guest bedroom.  Obviously we knew that a motorhome would be a different story but we didn’t think about all the ways it would be different.


Our RV suits us perfectly as far as size goes.  We have learned how to manage our lives in such a small space with very few issues.  After having people stay with us, I am truly impressed with people who travel with children or with more than just two adults.  Our motorhome fits us just fine but it isn’t made for any more than that.

Our living room has comfortable seating for three people max.  Sure, we have a dining room table with two chairs but nobody wants to sit there all the time.

Speaking of that, mealtimes are an interesting thing as well.  If there are more than two people, someone is eating their food on the couch.  We are lucky that our new parking spot has so much outdoor living space, complete with a nice picnic table.  But if you don’t want to be outside, you’re out of luck with eating spots.

The same thing goes with playing games.  How do you play a game with three or more people in an RV fit for two?  Creatively.

One big thing we changed when we moved into our motorhome was the placement of the TV.  There were old tube TVs in cabinets, one in the living room and one in the bedroom.  We immediately got rid of both of them and installed one large flat-screen on our bedroom wall.  The placement of the TV in the living room was awkward and uncomfortable so after a lot of discussion, we came up with this plan of mounting it to the wall in our bedroom.  That creates an interesting dynamic when you want to watch a movie with your guests.  Luckily, we were all comfortable and friendly enough to crawl into our bed together for movie time.  But that limits who you will watch movies with!


Sharing a bathroom and shower with multiple people is a balancing act as well.  It’s a tiny bathroom in a small space and people like their privacy to do their business.


We utilized the park’s bathrooms for additional plumbing and timed our showers with when we did dishes.  You see, we do not have hot water on demand in an RV.  We have to turn on our water heater and wait for it to heat up.  This uses our propane (which we still haven’t had to fill since being here!).  Because I like to conserve our propane usage, I time my showers around doing dishes, or vise versa.  That way, I only turn the water heater on once.  Our guests have been very accommodating of this method so far!

There is no privacy in an RV so you’d better like the person you’re living with.  But sometimes, you have people over and you just don’t want to change your clothes in front of them.  That’s when the bathroom door comes in handy.  The bathroom is really on the small side for changing your clothes but the hallway provides more space.

Privacy is also nice for sleeping.  Our bedroom closes off to the rest of the RV so that people still have access to the other areas, including the bathroom, without their presence or lights bothering us.  The last thing I want is someone staring at me while I sleep!

One of the most challenging parts was keeping enough food in the house for more people.  We go to the grocery store multiple times a week because we do not have storage space for a lot of food.  We found that our refrigerator was always packed to the brim (not a good thing for an inefficient fridge).  Our microwave turned into permanent storage space for food and our tiny pantry was overflowing.


With a fridge too full to hold a lot of beverages, we resorted to stacking them on the floor by our dining table and keeping one drink cold at a time.


The last part of having guests stay with us was remembering to tell them all the little tricks of RV living.  How to flush the toilet.  How the shower works.  How to close the fridge properly so that nothing gets warm.  And on and on the list goes until I felt like I was being a bossy hostess when I was just trying to make sure nothing went wrong.

Don’t worry, it’s just water in the toilet video!

It was wonderful having people come to visit us and even having them stay with us.  We learned a lot and are excited to have more people.  Even if it is a challenge sometimes, we had a great time with everyone!  Come visit us in beautiful SoCal and learn more about life in a motorhome!

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  1. What do you do with all of their luggage and stuff they bring with them?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Normally, we turn the driver’s and passenger seats into storage spaces for their luggage. It has worked well for us so far!


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