A Lesson in Keeping Your Pets Safe

Each area that we have traveled to has posed different risks for our pets and ourselves. We were familiar with the many risks of living in Minnesota and tried our hardest to keep anything bad from happening. In Minnesota, we knew that two of the biggest risks to our pets were fleas and ticks. We knew to use a preventive... Continue Reading →

Writing Perks and Wild Encounters

We've had some interesting new experiences over the past two weeks here in Southern California.  I was recently offered a position as a writer with a newspaper in the town where we are currently park hosts. After pitching them a story, meeting the owner, and having my story accepted, I wrote the  article.  A week later,... Continue Reading →

Missing Minnesota

There's nothing quite like the Midwest.  Nice people surrounded by rich, beautiful landscape with more lakes than you can imagine.  And it's colorful.  Summer brings a deeper, truer green than many other places in the U.S.  Fall is too colorful to even describe; with cool weather, fewer bugs, and trees turning color, it is the... Continue Reading →

The One Year Mark

May 11th, 2015 was the day we signed the closing papers on our house in St. Paul.  It was also the day that we officially moved into our RV full-time.  We have been living in our motorhome for just over a year and we have learned one very valuable lesson: this was the right decision for... Continue Reading →

Having Guests in an RV

After our month of visitors, we learned a lot about hosting guests in our new home.  It is certainly different from having people stay in our house, equipped with two bathrooms and a guest bedroom.  Obviously we knew that a motorhome would be a different story but we didn't think about all the ways it would be... Continue Reading →

Adventures With Water

I know I'm repetitive when I talk about how much I love the ocean, but I really do.  I've always been drawn to water.  When I was younger, I loved swimming and playing in the lake by our house.  As I grew, my relationship with water grew too.  I started to realize the power that... Continue Reading →

Family Visit and Life Choices

Whew!  We've had a crazy month of April (and now beginning of May)!  First, our friend Anita came into town for a visit.  Then we spent ten days with another friend, Trav, before dropping him off at the PCT trailhead.  A couple of days later, my mom and sister flew into town. I have been... Continue Reading →

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