Family Time

Northern California, Minnesota, New York City.  They came from all over the country and we got to see them all!  Family is where it’s at.  Being on the road with just the two of us is sometimes hard because we miss so many of the important people in our lives.  It is such a treat to have family in town right now!

Family beach day!

And what better place is there to meet up than on the beach in Southern California?  No better place!  We had a nice, big family meal with everyone together.

Yesterday, we got to show off our place in Ramona; we had our first visitors!!!!!  We took a walk through the park, had lunch in town, and went to some shops on Main Street.

Pat, Mike, Andy, and Me!  Tour of the RV and our new home.
KR and Andy, livin’ it up brother and sister style
Andy with his dad, just a couple of tall guys hanging out

We even got a housewarming gift!! Check out these wonderfully-themed cookies.


Hanging out in the park, checking out the pepper trees

Later that night, we took a drive in KR’s rental car (a Mustang convertible) and had some fun on the foothill roads.



A couple of nights ago, we hung out at our favorite new bar and got our very first beer koozie, lovingly decorated by us and the people we have met so far.

Things are looking good in Ramona!  We just need to get some part time work in town and we will be truly living the golden life.  We are so thankful for everything that has come our way!


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  1. Will Fehlow says:

    Thanks! — what fun to see these great pix! Mike looks so happy and proud of Andy.


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