A Walk in the Park

We have been in our new home for almost two weeks now and have been learning a lot about the history of the park.  And it is far from uninteresting.

The land for our park was donated to the city in 1909 and to the county in 1913.  It is technically the first park in the San Diego County system of parks.  The rock canal that runs through the park and rock bridges were built in 1934-35 and are considered a historic landmark.

The park has a pretty rough history and was a not-so-nice place to hang out, filled with drug dealers and prostitutes.  Over the past fifteen years, it has been cleaned up immensely and has had several areas redone.

The park office and our RV canopy can be seen in the background.


The local garden club contributes time to the gardens in the back of the park and they have made it a very beautiful place.

Bird watchers, dog walkers, picnickers and others come to the park to enjoy the beautiful walking paths, playgrounds, picnic areas, tennis court, and basketball court.  It is truly a community park and it enjoyed by much of the community.  The park shares its land with a scout hut and the Boys and Girls Club.

Popular picnic spot

We are thankful to know the history of this park and be involved in a community that cares so much about keeping it a nice place.  The park is 8 acres, the perfect size for us and the dogs to enjoy!

View from the back garden
View from the back garden
Walking path in back garden, tennis court can be seen in the distance.


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