How to Survive

Before we left on this adventure, we researched how other people lived on the road and tried to take advice from those people.  The majority of RVers are retired and do not need to worry about an income but there are others out there who are doing something similar to us.  Many of them work mobile jobs that do not require them to be stationed in a particular place.

After working for our previous companies, we were unsure what we wanted to do career-wise.  To be honest, neither of us were really all that career-motivated.  For a long time, we thought we knew what we wanted and we thought we were working towards getting what we wanted.  We were under the impression that we wanted stable jobs, a home, and someday maybe even kids.  Some pretty extensive soul-searching on both our parts showed us that this wasn’t the path we truly desired, it was the path that was expected of us.  We broke free of society’s constraints and expectations and gave it all up for a life on the road.

View from the hike I took today with the dogs

One big problem: money.  No matter how much we didn’t personally care about it, other people did; mainly the banks we had loans from.  After selling our house, we spent the summer living in the RV in my parents’ driveway (something I never intended on doing but it needed to happen to make this happen).  We saved up money so that we could travel job-free for a while before we needed to wise-up and get responsible again.  We wanted to give ourselves a little bit of a break and time to think about what we wanted to do.

We knew that by the holidays, we should probably pick up some work so that we could easily continue extending our adventure.  We had no intention of going back into the retail hell-world that we had crawled our way out of.  And so far, we have been successful!  While we are in Arizona, Andy is working for his uncle’s company to bring in a little extra income.  When we land in our next spot, we are going to try out some part time work that sounds interesting but doesn’t require the pressure or responsibility of our previous management jobs.  Bookstore?  Coffee shop?  Bartender?  We will see where life brings us, who we will meet along the way, the new skills we will develop.  We are both excited to see where life brings us next.

Theo is not so thrilled that I’m ignoring him to make soap. Look at those eyes!

In the meantime, we are having fun developing our soap and jewelry business.  We hope to get tables at local craft fairs and farmers’ markets and just see how it goes!  And I am also working on writing a book (finally).  We are leaving Arizona this weekend and heading to California to spend next week with some amazing friends who are flying into town.  We will hopefully get a chance to visit with some family and maybe we will decide to hang out in Cali for a little while.  Who knows?  Instead of being stressed out about not knowing (like my past-self would have), I am enjoying exploring the unknown and teaching myself to go with the flow!

Ellie does not want me to get any work done…

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