A Period of Adjustment

We’ve been on the road for a little over 6 weeks now and have explored and experienced some pretty spectacular things.  For the past two weeks we have been in Colorado, visiting family and exploring different areas.  It has been a nice break from our constant traveling and has given us a little time to breathe and adjust to the new lifestyle. It has also given our animals a bit of a break.

A lot of people have been interested in how we do this with an ark full of animals and we are often asked how they’ve adjusted to being on the road.  Well, here’s a bit of an update!


Lila has had the hardest time adjusting to our new life.  She is afraid of the outdoors (except if she is on cement–grass is out of the question).  She has had the hardest time with our moves.  At the beginning, she ran and hid every time there was a loud noise; our RV creaks and groans, especially in high wind or extreme cold.  Lila did not like this.  She also hated everything about driving.  She would crawl up into an empty space in the dashboard and hide, yowling the entire time.  We eventually set up a small carrier for her to hide in, a space of her own.


Originally, we would lock the cats in our bedroom while driving, fearing they would freak out and run under the gas pedal or jump out during a stop.  This is no longer the case.  They can tell when we are getting ready to leave; they know our process for packing up the RV.

They get a little sulky when we start to pack up.  Here they are by the passenger seat.

We packed a bunch of insulation into the dashboard so Lila couldn’t hide up there anymore.  It took several attempts but we finally got it so that she would stop trying.  Now, when the jacks go up, she runs to her carrier and hides until we park again.  But no more yowling during the drive!  She is getting so much better!  And she hides less once we get to our new place too–she comes out to explore and look out the windows faster than before.

Lila in her carrier

Ellie is a much better traveler.  When we drive, she either sleeps under the recliner or in the cat bed under the dining room table.  She is nearly fearless at the campgrounds, wanting to come outside and explore almost every day.  We take her out on a harness and leash to get exercise and check out the new spot.


The dogs are doing great.  Theo has never really known a life other than on the road and has always slept in the RV so he didn’t have much to adjust to.


Piper, who has been with us since she was a puppy and lived in our house, sees all of this as a grand adventure.  Sometimes she seems a bit confused but she is always ready and willing to explore the next new place.

This is how she rides when we drive.  We removed the cupholders from between our seats to give her a better place to ride and she loves it!

Our biggest concern with Piper is her barking.  She has always been nervous and anxious so new places, people, and noises are hard for her.  I am impressed with how awesome she has been!  She is adjusting like a champ.

Ready to go!
Showing some solidarity

Pica is doing well.  As our oldest animal, she has been with us in four different homes, plus the RV.  Though she is in a smaller cage, she is out a lot and very happy to be spending more time with us.

Andy and I are doing well too.  We go through the same periods of doubt, concern, and confusion that the animals too but are also just as excited to explore new places with them!


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