Beautiful Day For Some Laundry

We’ve successfully made it to Oklahoma!  It looks very similar to Arkansas…but flatter.  We found a nice state park to stay in on Lake Eufaula.  Yet again, we’ve managed to secure a beautiful spot on the lake for the few days that we will be here.


A couple of things that we’ve run into so far in Oklahoma: all of the state parks do not allow alcohol higher than 3.2% (so no real beer I guess) and our camp shower is coin-operated (50 cents for 3 minutes).

The campground we are staying in has a disc golf course though!  So Andy is very happy about that.

Our campsite
Our campsite

Today, Andy went into town to the laundromat since we had heaps of dirty laundry.  He came home with a ton of wet clothes that we hung out on several lines to dry in the sun (save some money and perhaps the environment a bit?).  Our only snafu with this plan is that our laundry was not dry when we decided to start our campfire and grill.  I quickly realized that the smoke was blowing over all our clean clothes…not a good thing to have around Pica, our bird.  I grabbed it all off the line, threw it into the basket, and set up a drying system in the RV.


It’s quite the maze.  Sort of feels like we tried to build a fort but failed.  Andy says it reminds him of an Indian restaurant we went to when we were in New York.  Hopefully we will have clean, dry clothes tomorrow though!

Restaurant in NYC. There were so many lights on the ceiling that we couldn’t stand up straight!

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