Heading South

My grandparents live in Southern Missouri just a few miles away from Arkansas.  It is here, in a little local RV park, that we decided to spend a couple of nights on our journey further South.  Our “RV park” was a field in town that had water, sewer, and electrical hookups.  It wasn’t much but it did the job!

Little Rock Church RV Park

With all the rain we were getting down here, I was truly terrified that we would get stuck in our spot.  There were no cement or gravel pads that we parked on, it was just grass.  I imagined us sinking into the ground (or worse: sliding into the small ravine nearby).  After several inches of constant rain, most of my fears dissipated.  The ground here is soil over a nice rock bed; good for cattle, bad for crops, perfect for preventing an RV slide.


When we arrived at their home, we were greeted with cries of “the gypsies are here! The gypsies are here!”  In our short visit, we were able to visit my grandparents, share a couple of meals, and enjoy the beautiful view of their property and the horses that live on it.

Eeyore, my grandma’s donkey

It was really nice to see family after being on the road for the past week by ourselves.  We are so happy we are able to travel and visit everyone!  Tomorrow, if we make it through the rest of this storm, we will be back on the road heading to Arkansas to hit up some more parks.

Grandma Jo and Bud


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