Happy Halloween!

One year ago today we were pouring liquid into the fog machine and spreading out the cobwebs on our retaining wall, hoping that we had enough candy for the hoards of kids sure to come our way.  Our house made for the perfect haunted house and we made sure it looked amazing every year.


This year is a little different.  We made the enormous mistake of only bringing window clings for decoration and nothing else.  Nothing.  We have eight boxes of Halloween decorations sitting unused in my parent’s basement and we thought all we would need are window clings?  Silly us.  We didn’t even bring our pumpkin carving stuff, as if we wouldn’t carve pumpkins or something.  On the best holiday of the entire year, we weren’t going to decorate or carve pumpkins?  We quickly realized how wrong our thinking had been.  If we weren’t in the middle of nowhere, we would’ve hit up an emergency dollar store or something to make this Halloween a success.  We happened to stumble upon an orchard where the woman running it gave us free pumpkins!  Score!


We took a nice hike today from the bottom of a bluff all the way to the top where there was a lookout spot.  It was gorgeous and it wore the dogs out enough that we were able to carve our pumpkin.

Theo enjoying Halloween.  Costume cred goes to Ali and Jared who gave him some cute stuff to wear for the holiday!
Theo enjoying Halloween. Costume cred goes to Ali and Jared who gave him some cute stuff to wear for the holiday!

We decided to only carve one pumpkin and keep the other two to make pie with later this week.

Gutting the pumpkin
Gutting the pumpkin



Three of our neighboring campers have their Halloween lights out.  If we are still on the road by next year, we will seriously need to step up our game.  At least we will have one pumpkin to light!  We bought a couple of bags of candy in case there are any trick-or-treaters.  Or in case we just need some candy!  We successfully roasted pumpkin seeds in our convection oven and next we will enjoy my favorite holiday classic: Hocus Pocus!  Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. Will Fehlow says:

    Andy, careful there with the “between the legs” hold, don’t cut off anything, erm… …important! Muhahahaha! May the Great Pumpkin shower ya with lots of candy corn!

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