Let’s Hope This Ark Floats

Yesterday, while having a nice and relaxing movie day, we were awakened to our phones screaming about a weather alert.  Being the rainy day that it was, we felt ok about not doing anything (but hey, we successfully organized our DVD collection, so that’s something).  The screaming alert woke us from our naps with a message about a flash flood warning.  It had been raining almost all night and most of that day.  As we looked outside, our jaws dropped at the sight of our flooded campground.

That's not just some puddle out there. It's super deep!
That’s not just some puddle out there. It’s super deep!

The rain did not look like it was going to let up anytime soon.  We realized that we were at the lowest point in the entire park.  All those lucky campers up on the hill had nothing to worry about.  However, we were staring at the rising waters, watching the rainwater flow down the road and collect in a river right in front of our site.  Our gravel parking spot was luckily not under water like the ones on either side of us but the pools around it were creeping closer.  And we had no way of leaving since we would have sunk right into the mud.  Luckily, we brought our snorkel gear.

IMG_3477 IMG_3479

Tempted though we were to bring out a measuring tape and see how much longer we could withstand the rain, we decided instead to cower indoors and hope for the best.  This gave us some much-needed time to fully alphabetize our movie collection.

Theo was very helpful with the organization process

When the rain finally subsided, we looked out once more and realized that we were not going to need the oars we thought we might.  We went out that night and had a great time celebrating our friend’s twenty *cough* th birthday, once again getting to bring the dogs out with us.

Today, we took some time to plan out the next leg of our journey.  Now we have some idea of where we are going next!  Looks like we will be hitting up Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico on our way to Thanksgiving in Colorado.

Our cozy planning session. Again, Theo is so willing to help.
Our cozy planning session. Again, Theo is so willing to help.

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  1. Kris says:

    If you think my tapes were old-school, wait until you see my DVD collection! PBS and A&E (pre-2000) has nothing over my second-hand store assortment. I’ll gladly share them with you. Greatful you didn’t have to see what kind of ark your Dolphin would make. But with that name, you would expect maneuverability in water! Stay safe and always have fun. Love, Aunt Kris

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  2. Mom says:

    Reading about your experiences and seeing all the pictures, lets me feel like I get to take a ride with you. And I can watch Teddy grow up. Miss you guys.


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