Here we go!

And so it begins…

Last October we came up with the idea of selling our house in St. Paul, quitting our jobs, buying an RV, and traveling the country.  Today, just over a year later, we have said our goodbyes and set off on our grand adventure.  It felt like this day would never actually come and now here we are, driving to our first destination.  Driving down the highway, staring out the windshield we should’ve washed after our test run, watching the Asian beetles fly around our heads.  It was a heck of a lot harder to say goodbye to every thing and everyone than we ever would have dreamed it would be.

We spent the last two days seeing friends and family with reality setting in that we were actually leaving.  It was easier to say goodbye to some people knowing we would make plans to see them this winter.  Last night, we talked about how crazy this all was.  We gave up an entire life, secure jobs, family, and close friends.  A life most people wouldn’t mind having.  There were moments of doubt that maybe we weren’t doing the right thing after all.  Behind all the doubt was excitement about the life we hope to lead in the future.

So now we are rocking out to some old-school music on tapes (thanks Aunt Kris!) because our RV doesn’t have a CD player.  Talking about how grateful we are that we didn’t leave yesterday because the wind on these roads would’ve been CRAZY!

Time to listen to our Great Adventure’s theme song:  “It’s my life!”

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