Three Years Ago

On this day, three years ago, we bought our home. It was a cold winter day when we drove it home from the dealership. We could hardly believe what we had done. We had a celebratory beer with our parents after getting it back to Andy’s dad’s house. It would be months before we’d hit … More Three Years Ago

Free Flying

With the recent fire scares and nerve-wracking weather, we haven’t strayed too far from home. We’ve been busy getting ready for the holidays — shopping for gifts and figuring out how to send things. Our weekend was filled with running errands and helping out in the park. The local garden club decorated a few things in … More Free Flying

Not a Fan of Fires

Snow and ice storms, thunder and lightening, tornadoes, torrential downpours — these are all things I have dealt with in my life. And though none of them make me feel particularly comfortable, they are things I understand, things I grew up with. We’ve dealt with wildfire scares in Oklahoma and here in SoCal before, but … More Not a Fan of Fires