Taking Care of Business

The Wandering Dolphin Crew is still doing well out here in SoCal. Our area has been issued a red flag warning due to the very dry heat and high winds. ‘Tis fire season! As you may recall from last year, fire season terrifies me. It makes me reluctant to go anywhere far from our motorhome.... Continue Reading →

The Teaching Thing

Friday night marked my first night as a teacher — I taught my first creative writing class for adults. It wasn't a huge turnout, but it was a fun night and it got me out of my comfort zone. Going through school, I never wanted to be a teacher (mainly because I'm not big into kids).... Continue Reading →

Getting Stuff Done

Everything was done for the day — the workweek was over, the house was clean, it was our day off at the park. We’d had a long week, both physically and emotionally. It was too late in the day to do much, and we didn’t have any money to go out. So, we decided to... Continue Reading →

A Ramona Sunset

California sunsets are some of the most beautiful I have ever experienced. Maybe it has something to do with the sun disappearing beneath the ocean, or the unbelievably vivid colors, or the sky lighting up behind the distant foothills. Whatever the case, they are each unique and beautiful. One particular sunset in the park last... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Happiness

I wanted to start off by sharing some cute pet pictures to hopefully brighten someone's day -- these are all from last week. I take a lot of pictures of our critters... A couple of quick updates: Now that we decided to keep our Jeep, we added an awesome new tire cover to protect our... Continue Reading →

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