Water Never Stops

Well, I spoke too soon. Apparently, our plumbing issues were not fixed (at no fault of Andy’s). Friday morning, when I was in the bathroom getting ready for work, I noticed that the carpeted floor was slightly damp near the shower. Since neither of us had showered that morning yet, this did not make sense. I... Continue Reading →

Springing a Leak

On Tuesday, Andy and I met up outside my work and walked home to have lunch together. Walking up to the RV, I noticed a wet spot on the ground beneath the hot water heater. I pointed it out to Andy, a little concerned. We hadn't run the hot water heater that morning so I... Continue Reading →

California Christmas

Happy holidays from the Wandering Dolphin crew! We are having a pretty low-key Christmas, which is wonderful. It's weird not having snow! Yesterday, we worked the park and then headed down to Oceanside for dinner with grandpa and aunt Kris.  It was a rainy day in SoCal but we did have a nice Christmas Eve... Continue Reading →

The Allure of Water

Ever since I was very young, I was attracted to water. My parents put me in swimming lessons from a young age and I quickly progressed up the ranks, only stopping when I reached the competition level. They wanted me to be a strong swimmer and I wanted to be in the water. Growing up... Continue Reading →

It Moves

It has been almost six months since we last moved the motorhome. Six months! Today after I got off work we decided to take it out for a spin and fill our propane tank. I have been worried about running out for the past month, joking with everyone that I would soon be begging to... Continue Reading →

Set on Defrost 

Spoiled, chunky milk. Bricks of moldy cheese. Rotten vegetables.  None of this sounds appetizing and it is even less appealing when you wake up to it in the morning.  We have had some questions come in lately asking what other types of things people may need to think about when traveling in an RV and... Continue Reading →

Water & Wine

I think I have to officially admit, to myself and everyone else, that I am losing a bit of my Minnesota. And what I mean by that is my cold tolerance. Cause man, I've been cold lately! I actually put on long underwear the other night (and it was still like 45 degrees out)! BTW,... Continue Reading →

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