A Minnesota Story

On Tuesday I made the flight back to good ol' Minnesota. On the plane, I sat next to a very wonderful couple who was incredibly nice, with a lovely accent that made me feel like I was coming home. My fondness for them did not even change when I found out they were actually from Wisconsin... Continue Reading →

Animal Adventures

We had a fun week with our friend Anita who is in town from Minnesota! We hung out with some friends, threw a little Halloween get-together, went whale watching, and went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Thursday's whale watching adventure was a fun day! No whales to be found but we did have some... Continue Reading →

On The Road

Today marks the one year anniversary of The Wandering Dolphin leaving Minnesota. One year ago, today, we pulled the motorhome out of my parents' driveway and started heading to our first destination: Sioux Falls, SD. We've had a pretty amazing journey so far and it is crazy to think that it has been a year since... Continue Reading →

Autumn in Ramona

It's my favorite time of year again. Autumn. It is strange to spend it in a place where many of the trees do not change color or lose their leaves. But this has been a beautiful fall so far. We spent the past weekend enjoying the beauty. On Saturday, we volunteered at the neighboring campground... Continue Reading →

Downsizing in the Dolphin

One year ago, we were making our maiden test voyage up to northern Minnesota. We had just gotten back from NYC and picked up the newest addition to our little family. Mr. Theodore was just a couple months old when he joined the crew and he adapted quickly. My parents and sister joined us on... Continue Reading →

Crazy Journey

This idea of ours, this whole RV thing, it's been a crazy ride so far. We have learned a lot about ourselves and about each other. We've learned a lot about what we want in life. The last week and a half has been pretty big for the McLaughlin crew. September 26th marked one year of... Continue Reading →

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