Julian and the Coast

We love having people from home visit our beautiful life in SoCal and we are lucky that our current visitor is my father-in-law, Mike. Though he is not staying in our little town, we are having a fun time exploring different areas with him. On Sunday, we tried to go to Julian Apple Days Festival... Continue Reading →

Fire & Water

Another interesting weekend for residents of the Wandering Dolphin! On Saturday morning I participated in a harvest of Cabernet Franc grapes. We gathered over 1,200 pounds of grapes! I am researching the process of winemaking for an article and wanted to start from the ground up. Though it was hard work, it was interesting to... Continue Reading →

Small Space Entertainment

Living in a motorhome has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantage #1: You get to travel to some really cool places. Advantage #2: Life is a little bit less complicated. However, the lack of space in a motorhome can by trying for many people. During the process of selling our home and moving into our RV... Continue Reading →

La Jolla Cove

It was a cloudy day down at La Jolla Cove but that didn’t stop people from getting into the water – including us. Now that school is back in session, we were hoping fewer tourists would be down in the La Jolla area. Three or four times we have driven down there only to be... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Good Times

Well, I've gone and done it. I've immersed myself in Andy's hobby and have started officially playing pool. A little over a week ago on Tuesday, I played my very first night of pool as a part APA pool league. I am part of a 9-ball team that includes some pretty cool people. I have... Continue Reading →

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