Finding His Hobby

When Andy and I first started dating in high school, there were a few activities that we enjoyed doing in our free time. One of our favorite things was to go out on the lake with Andy’s Jet Ski and, once we were older, out on the boat – we have both always been water... Continue Reading →

Water & Alcohol

Andy and I have had an interesting and fun past couple of days. Anyone who knows us knows how many animals we have kept in the past. For those who don't, our current animal situation in such a small space should be fairly telling. We have always kept a lot of animals in every home... Continue Reading →

A Brief Trip in Time

Yesterday we took a little adventure into a town outside of LA called West Covina. We met up with one of our very good friends, Nancy. Nancy has been in our lives for many years and is one of the great friends that came out of working for a giant corporation for as long as... Continue Reading →

California Weekend

I can understand why people choose to live in California; the weather is beautiful and there are hardly any bugs. I always knew that mosquitos were a nuisance but I never realized how much better life could be without them. It is beautiful. Let me explain... You can have windows and doors open (without screens)... Continue Reading →

Back to Cali Life

After our Vegas breakdown experience, we needed a bit of a break from all the excitement. We went back to our relaxed Cali life. Last Saturday, my amazing new job paid for me to go take photos at the Ramona Junior Fair. Afterwards, they paid for my ticket to the Sip of Julian (including paying... Continue Reading →

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