Getting Ready to Hit the Road

It's been a long time coming but we are ready for it. Saturday afternoon, we take off on another adventure. Yes, it will be fairly short.  And yes, we will be returning to our sunny little town. But it is an adventure nonetheless. We are heading to Vegas. Luckily for us, we are meeting some wonderful... Continue Reading →

Water, Wine Country, Wildfires

Now that we have this whole "SoCal Tour Guide" thing down, I have to say that I really love having people out here! It is so exciting to show everyone our new life and give them a glimpse of what RV life is all about. Alex slept in the hammock outside -- because, you know,... Continue Reading →

Tour Guides Again 

This is an exciting weekend for us! Our friend Alex is in town for a short visit and we are thrilled to show off our house and town yet again.  On his first night in, we made a delicious meal from a recipe Alex had found, marinated flank steak skewers.  All I can say is,... Continue Reading →

Mountain Tops to the Ocean Bottom

It was another exciting weekend for the Wandering Dolphin crew. Saturday started off as a day of volunteering.  I raced around the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center taking care of the feral cat colony.  After running home for a quick bite to eat, I drove up to the Wolf Center in Julian where I completed... Continue Reading →

This is Why I Love the RV Life

What's my favorite part of RV life?  Getting to do the things that I love --- I get to do seven things off my top ten list on a regular basis: reading, writing, traveling, conservation work, hanging out with Andy and the pets, exploring, and experiencing nature. For those of you that know me or have... Continue Reading →

The Holiday Weekend

This year's Fourth of July weekend was a bit different than previous years.  It had its ups and downs. On Saturday, I went to the Wolf Center for a full day of volunteering. I got to work with some really fun volunteers and they asked me if I would like to become animal care trained... Continue Reading →

My Tiny House Organization

Yesterday, we made the trek into San Diego for a trip to Ikea.  We were on the hunt for some space-saving solutions for small homes and Ikea was the first place that came to our mind for reasonably-priced ideas.  We have found that while many RV specialty stores do carry some good stuff, you end... Continue Reading →

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