Prepping for the PCT

As I mentioned before, our friend Trav has decided to hike the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail).  He was staying with us for ten days before beginning that hike.  The PCT spans from the Mexico border to the Canadian border and covers over 2600 miles through various climates.  Needless to say, we are proud of him... Continue Reading →

Quality Ocean Time

The past few days have been filled with sun and water.  Our adventures brought us in to San Diego, exploring different areas of the city we have never seen before.  We spent a morning kayaking around La Jolla, getting up close to some amazing wildlife.  It was awesome to see stuff from the water. We... Continue Reading →

Prepping for the Hike

Our crazy month of visitors continues with our friend Trav coming in from Minnesota.  He is visiting for ten days before he heads out to hike the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail).  We are driving him down to the trailhead at the end of his vacation with us.  For now, he is camping out in our... Continue Reading →

Financial Questions

Many things change when you move your life into a motorhome and travel around the country.  Your relationships with friends and family change.  Your forms of communication change.  Your relationship with your travel buddy changes.  You change.  These things are to be expected and are something to be considered before heading out onto the road.... Continue Reading →

The Magic Tour

It is hard to decide where to take someone when there are so many things to see.  Our tour of SoCal with Anita continued with wine tasting in Temecula.  Though she's not much of a wine drinker, it seemed like a must when visiting Southern California. We visited four different vineyards and had a great... Continue Reading →

A&A: Tour guides for SoCal

Our month of visitors started with Andy's cousin Peter and his S/O Haley coming into Ramona from L.A.  We had a great time taking them around our small town and showing them a bit of our slower paced life.  It was great to see family and to show them what our town has to offer... Continue Reading →

April Flowers Bring Many Visitors

Just a quick update on our life here in sunny California!  The month of April will be pretty crazy for us.  We have visitors almost every single day.  Andy is still having a great time at his new job and I have some very exciting leads for a few articles in various newspapers.  Stay tuned... Continue Reading →

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