Down the Mountain

Picture this: you are driving down a mountain in your huge RV, towing your Jeep behind you.  It has been snowing a lot and the roads are slick and icy.  You are following an SUV with a paramedic symbol on the back, curving around the mountain, going up and down hills, watching road signs telling you... Continue Reading →

Prepping for the Storm

I hope we learned something from our blizzard experience in New Mexico because it looks like we have some more snow and cold weather headed our way.  We are spending Thanksgiving in the mountains of Colorado and so far, the weather has been beautiful.  The days are intensely sunny and even in 40° weather, we... Continue Reading →

On the Road Again

We’ve had a lot of questions about what it means to “pack up the RV” so we decided to tell everyone a little bit more about it.  We have our process down to about 30-45 minutes (not including getting ourselves ready or eating breakfast).  If we give ourselves two hours, we have more than enough... Continue Reading →

Surviving New Mexico

It has been a few days since we have able to post but our experiences have been quite interesting.  The following post was written a few days ago, when we were not anywhere near cell service.  Enjoy! I am writing this from the dining room table of our RV, as the storm rages outside.  Today is November... Continue Reading →

Spelunking in Oklahoma

Eastern Oklahoma was nice but the wildfires that threatened our area made it a little unnerving (we were in a red flag county).  We took off on the road and found most of Oklahoma to be pretty flat and boring.  We did successfully find a place to fill our LPG tank in a tiny little... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Day For Some Laundry

We've successfully made it to Oklahoma!  It looks very similar to Arkansas...but flatter.  We found a nice state park to stay in on Lake Eufaula.  Yet again, we've managed to secure a beautiful spot on the lake for the few days that we will be here. A couple of things that we've run into so far... Continue Reading →

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